Code+ 2021 Details

This summer, Code+ will run in a hybrid format -- details are still being developed. All program activities will be virtual until on-campus/Durham-based students have completed baseline testing. We're working with university entities to determine all the details of the in-person experience. The information below will be updated as more information becomes available. If you have questions, contact

Updated May 13

On-campus and Durham-based living

You have until April 26 to advise us of your housing plans.

The following applies to all students participating in person (living on campus or in Durham):

  • Read this important message, which contains details about summer COVID-19 protocols for anyone participating in activities on campus.
  • The baseline testing date is May 27 (the same as on-campus move-in). If you live off campus and plan to participate in person, you're required to be tested on this date. Details are available on Duke's COVID-19 Testing page.
  • The Health Fee will only be charged if you use Student Health services, and the charge (which is small, but has not been determined) will be only for the week(s) you use the services. The fee will be charged to your bursar account. Baseline and surveillance Covid testing is provided free to program participants.
  • If you have a valid parking permit for the current academic year, it is valid until mid-August. For parking questions, contact

On-campus details

If you currently live on campus and need temporary housing after May 3 -- You may apply for extension housing here at a rate of $42.82 per day. Extension housing is available through May 11 and is charged directly to your bursar account.

You are encouraged to leave campus (i.e. return home) and return for move-in on Thursday, May 27. If you're unable to do so, contact us. Alternative move-in dates are subject to approval and considered on case by case basis. The daily rate for bridge housing (between May 11 and May 31) is $50.45/night and you need to have a meal plan.

The following applies to students planning to live on campus during the program:

  • You do not need to apply for housing or a meal plan. If you've let us know you wish to live on campus, we'll coordinate your housing/meal plan. The plan provides an average of two meals (or $27.53) per day.
  • You'll be contacted about your housing by Conference & Event Services (CES), who is managing housing for summer/co-curricular programs.
  • Code+ move-in day is Thursday, May 27. Before receiving your key, you'll be tested for COVID-19 and will need to sequester until you receive a negative test result. More details will be forthcoming.
  • You are responsible for housing costs from move-in on May 27 to May 31 at $50.45 per night plus a dining plan option.
  • Your award covers your room and meal plan from June 1 to August 6; you are responsible for all other expenses.
  • Move-out is August 7 (the day after the program ends).
    • You are expected to participate in in-person activities. More details will be forthcoming.

    Off campus students in Durham may opt in to a meal plan (average one meal or $7.73/day + $25 admin fee). We'll collect this information from you.

    International students

    To receive your award, you need a Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpaper Identification Number (ITIN) and your student visa must be current. If you do not have an SSN/ITIN, and are in the U.S., contact Duke Visa Services at to apply for an ITIN. If you are not in the U.S., you can apply once you're in Durham on a valid visa. It can take two months or more to obtain an ITIN. If you don't have an ITIN by the time award payments are made (first payment is in June), your award will be paid late. When you apply for an ITIN, you’ll need to provide your Code+ offer letter confirming your participation and award amount. To receive your first stipend payment on time, we must have your SSN/ITIN by June 15.

    Checks and US tax forms cannot be mailed outside of the US. If you need your Duke mailbox to remain open during the summer, contact