Students at a standup meeting

What is Code+?

Code+ is a 10-week project-based summer coding program for Duke undergraduate students run by the Office of Information Technology. The program exposes students to the latest leading-edge industry technologies and tools in a peer learning environment, and provides an important professional development opportunity. During the program, students are guided by and learn from IT professionals and work on project teams of five to six students. Each project addresses a real-world issue or challenge at Duke, in Durham, or beyond.

The program is designed to provide students with little or no tech-related work experience with a coding-based product development experience. Given this experience, past participants have secured internships with Google, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce, as well as smaller "boutique" tech companies.

Code+ is unique -- unlike a traditional company internship where you may be assigned to a project or effort already in progress, the program provides an end-to-end experience, from project definition to requirements gathering to development of a product. As a participant, you'll also gain experience interfacing with IT professionals and project stakeholders, learning how to manage a project, and developing your presentation skills. Other skills you may acquire include:

  • Front-end and back-end web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design
  • Information integration
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing

Code+ is committed to increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the technology talent pipeline, and is interested in attracting students from historically marginalized communities, including first-generation college students.

Where and When

Code+ 2024 will be run out of The Edge in Bostock Library, with occasional use of other facilities on West Campus. In order to foster a sense of community, living on campus is strongly encouraged; students are housed with other +Programs students. On campus students receive housing and a meal plan.

Program timing:

  • Mid-January - Applications open. Apply early; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until all spots are filled.
  • February - First round of offers is extended
  • Late March/early April - Applications close; watch this site for announcements
    • Note: Due to the high number of applications, we are closing applications in mid-March
  • Monday, May 20, 2024 - Program begins
  • Friday, July 27, 2024 - Program ends


Participants are expected to participate full-time in person with their teams and may not accept employment or take classes for the duration of the program. If a student cannot be present for the entirety of the program, they must provide advance notice to program administrators in writing. Excessive absence may impact a student's stipend. 

Criteria for selection

We consider several criteria when reviewing applications and selecting Code+ participants: 

  • Academic year – Duke undergraduates only, first-years and sophomores preferred. Juniors are considered if they are recent entrants into a tech-related major/minor. 
  • Experience – Limited or no experience working in the tech industry  
  • Major and/or minor – Intention to major and/or minor in a tech-related field    

2024 Program Details

Code+ provides participants with a non-compensatory award. If you live on campus, you will receive $1000.00 in addition to your housing and a meal plan; off campus students receive $5000.00.

In order to receive your first award payment on time, visit DukeHub and set up direct deposit before May 1. Payments will be paid in equal halves on May 31 and June 30.

We strongly encourage Code+ participants to live on campus. +Programs students (Code+, Data+, CS+, Climate+, Applied Ethics+, and Math+) will live together in Keohane. Being co-located will provide countless opportunities to socialize, spontaneously get together, share activities, and create a sense of community. If we offer you a spot in Code+, we need your final decision about housing by Monday, April 8.

Students who live on campus are expected to move out after spring semester ends and return for move-in. Move-in is on Sunday, May 19. Need extension housing between move out and move in? See below.

The following apply to any +Program student living on campus:

  • You do not need to apply for housing or a meal plan.
  • If you want to request a specific roommate, let us know who it is (you'll need their Unique ID) and which program they are with.
  • Move-in day is Sunday, May 19. Check in will be between noon and 3pm. If you can't arrive between noon and 4pm, contact us in advance.
  • Your Code+ award covers your room and meal plan from May 19 to July 26; you are responsible for all other expenses.
  • Move-out is Saturday, July 27 before noon. If you move out before July 27, you must advise us in advance. Yu must return your key to Conference and Event Services to avoid a $125 charge.


Check-in on Sunday May 19 will be from 12:00 to 3:00pm. If you can't check in during this time, notify

You will receive a physical key for your room in Keohane. Take it with you everywhere to avoid lockouts. If you lose the key or don't return it to Conference & Event Services at the end of the program, you will be charged $125.

Conference Cards

At move-in, non-Duke students will receive a "conference card." The card will give you access to specific buildings on campus.

SDAO (Student Disability Access Office) Accommodations

If you want a single, you will need to have an accommodation letter (SDAO). If you have an SDAO, let us know and provide a copy of your letter. 

Extension housing

If you live on campus and need housing between the end of spring semester and Code+ move-in, apply through the housing portal in April.

Extension housing is available until May 13. If you need additional housing (until May 19), use the Summer Housing Application in the portal and select the option Conference and Events Services Bridge Housing as the reason, then enter the dates May 13 - May 19. 

If you need housing between the end of Code+ and fall semester, apply through the portal in July.

Students are responsible for extension housing fees. Submission of the form does not guarantee approval. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning mid-April. You will be notified of your extension status within three days of submission. In the event your request is approved, you may be required to relocate out of your current spring semester assignment to a different assignment on campus. If you have questions, email

If you live on campus, a meal plan will be loaded on your DukeCard (Duke students) or a "conference card" (non-Duke students) at the beginning of the program. Take a photo of your conference card number in case you lose it (it's a generic card, not specifically associated with you).

The plan is a declining cash balance you can use to purchase food, snacks, and drinks. Meal plans are non-refundable; we encourage you to deplete the balance.


  • When checking out, tell the cashier you are using "Conference Food"
  • To see the balance, ask for a receipt. You can also check the balance on the eAccounts app and portal.
  • You cannot use the meal plan to order food online.


  • Find dining locations, menus, and hours
  • The Cafe 300 (inside Swift) will be open 7 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 8 pm daily with snacks and other provisions (opens May 31)
  • The meal plan can be used for Merchant on Points

If you have a valid parking permit for the current academic year, it is valid until mid-August. Beginning in early May, you can purchase 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day permits valid at 300 Swift Ave., Blue Zone, and East surface lots from Parking and TransportationBuses and vans will also run. For questions, contact

If you do not have a U.S. Taxpayer ID in the form of a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), take your Code+ offer email to Duke Visa Services (no appointment necessary) to request one. It can take 10 weeks to receive an ITIN. If Duke does not have your ITIN, your award payment may be delayed.

Checks and US tax forms cannot be mailed outside of the US. If you need your Duke mailbox to remain open during the summer, contact

After exams end, we will schedule Meet & Greet meetings for each team so you can meet your teammates and team leads. These will be 30 minutes meetings on Zoom. During that meeting, you'll learn more about the program and your project, including any languages, tools, platforms that your project may use. You may also be given some resources and materials to review before the program starts.