Code+ depends on the participation of so many!


Code+ is tailored to Duke rising sophomores and juniors with little to no experience in tech. Prospective participants can get involved by:

  • Attending the +Programs Info Fair held in January.
  • Following the Code+ page on LinkedIn.
  • Watching this site for announcements.
  • Talking to students who have been through the program about their experience
  • Applying early!
  • Sending questions to 

Have you participated in Code+? Consider being a panelist at one of our many summer seminars.

IT professionals lead student teams by guiding them as they develop a software solution. Being a team lead is largely a coaching/mentoring role; being a software developer is not required -- experts in other aspects of application development/support are welcome. Team leads typically work in pairs, though some teams are led by one IT professional. The time commitment varies from week to week, anywhere from five to fifteen hours. Team leads are supported by program administrators throughout the summer. Get involved by:

Once you've learned more, consider committing to being involved and contact us! It's fun and rewarding!

You don't need to be a techie to be involved in Code+! Duke staff can be workshop presenters or project stakeholders. 

Throughout the program, students attend sessions on presentation skills, designing for accessibility, product management, and more. If you have expertise in an area relevant to developing young professionals and would be willing to present on a topic relevant to Code+, we would love to hear from you!

As a stakeholder, you will meet periodically throughout the summer with a team and provide them with requirements and priorities for the product they are developing. Get involved by:

Questions? Email

For several years, Code+ has hired masters-level graduate students to facilitate the student teams and assist team leaders. In this role, grad students are exposed to a wide variety of technical projects and may be able to fulfill their requirement for an internship. Familiarity and proficiency with front and back-end development tools is required. Interested? Contact

Ph.D. candidates who are working on their thesis research are encouraged to submit their project for consideration. Past Code+ projects have provided tools for managing and visualizing large data sets and more.

Through our relationship with Duke's Office of Durham and Community Affairs, Code+ kicked off "+Durham" in 2023, partnering with the Museum of Durham History to run a project central to their educational mission (link to project coming soon). We are interested in growing the +Durham program, contributing to our home city and positively impacting its citizens.

Code+ could not succeed without the generous support of our industry partners. Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, Transact Campus, and others have sponsored Code+ projects, providing much-needed funding for student stipends. Sponsors partner with a student team whose project is related in some way to the sponsor's core products or services.

The sponsor's level of engagement is flexible. At a minimum, sponsors meet with a student team at the start of the project, providing industry expertise and guidance. About halfway through the program, students present their progress, and sponsors can provide further input. Sponsors are invited to the Code+ final presentations as well as the +Programs poster showcase at the end of the program.

We encourage potential sponsors to follow Code+ on LinkedIn and watch videos of past Code+ projects on YouTube. Questions? Email