Major(s): Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduation Year: 2022

I was born and raised in Manhasset, New York. I just finished my sophomore year at Duke where I am doing a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I was a competitive gymnast and diver for most of my youth. Even though I can barely skate, I grew up as an avid New York Rangers Hockey fan. I didn’t watch a single basketball game until I was accepted into Duke, at which point I became an even more devoted Duke basketball fan. Last summer I worked as a lifeguard at a community pool and couldn’t wait to get back to Duke. So I’m really excited to be staying at Duke this summer and participating in the Code+ program. I enjoy a number of community service activities at Duke, including FEMMES, SMART, and Best Buddies, and I was also social chair at Alpha Phi sorority this past year.