Program Details

Code+ is a full-time, 10-week, project-based coding program

Code+ is committed to increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the technology talent pipeline, and is interested in attracting students from underrepresented communities, including first-generation college students. The program exposes Duke University undergraduates to the latest leading-edge industry technologies and tools in a peer learning environment, and provides an important professional development opportunity.  Participants receive a $5,000 stipend and may not accept employment or take classes during the program. Key dates include:

  • January - Applications open; first round of offers extended in February
  • April - Application deadline (applications closed April 6)
  • Begins June 1 and ends August 6, 2021

Criteria for Selection

The Code+ program is designed to provide students with little or no tech-related work experience with a real-world coding/product development experience, to help them obtain an industry internship in tech the following summer. Past participants have landed internships with companies such as Google, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce, as well as smaller "boutique" tech companies.  

We consider several criteria when reviewing and selecting Code+ applicants: 

  • Academic year – First-year and sophomores preferred; juniors are considered if they are recent entrants into a tech-related major/minor 
  • Experience – Limited or no experience working in the tech industry  
  • Major and/or minor – Expect to major and/or minor in a tech-related field    

Project Teams 

Each team consist of four to six undergraduates and a project lead/mentor who is an IT professional. 

Partner Programs

We partner with Duke's Data+ and CS+ summer programs. All three “plus” programs share a similar model: students collaborating in teams on a project in tech/data for the same 10 weeks of the summer and receiving the same stipend amount. We also partner to provide some common events (workshops, events, final poster fair, etc.), in order to create a larger ecosystem of students studying in tech and data over the summer. Each program has its own application.

  • Code+ focuses on projects in web and mobile application software development. The program is run by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and takes place at the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham (the 2020 program took place entirely online). Project leads are professional developers. Project emphasis is on providing students with a real-world development experience. Staff in Duke departments are often key project stakeholders, and some projects have corporate sponsors, to whom the students present their progress during the program.
  • Data+ focuses on interdisciplinary data science projects across the university, and is run by Rhodes Information Initiate at Duke. Project leads are typically faculty from diverse areas of the university, with frequent additional participation from community and/or industry partners.
  • CS+ focuses on projects in computer science research and applications and is run by the Department of Computer Science. Project leads are typically computer science faculty.

The Projects

Code+ projects address real-world business needs of the Duke community. Participants are involved in every aspect of the project, including its definition, design, and development. Given the collaborative environment, Code+ students learn from their team members as well as the larger Code+ community. Opportunities for sharing project progress and lessons learned along the way are an essential part of the program.