Program Highlights

Read about some of our stand-out projects, students, and project leads.


Below are a couple of standout projects from Code+ 2020.

Donate Food Points to Food-Insecure Students Web App
Donate Food Points to Food-Insecure Students Web App

2020 Project Highlight: Combating Food Insecurity at Duke: Feed Every Devil Program

The Feed Every Devil project, or FED, aims to address food insecurity among Duke students. Food insecurity is a serious problem in the university environment, leading to increased anxiety and unhealthy diets, negatively impacting student performance. The FED program tackles this problem with an application that allows students to donate their extra food points through a web or mobile interface to a Duke-managed Food Points bank. Students can make requests for food points, and upon approval, will receive a small supplement from the Food Points bank. The application has been in production since November 2021. Read an article about Feed Every Devil.  Watch a YouTube video about the project

Duke Notify App
Duke Notify App

2020 Project Highlight: Streamline Communications Tool: Stay in the Loop with Duke Notify

Duke Notify is a communication streamlining tool that allows Duke services such as enterprise systems and entities such as student groups to send notifications automatically, through its API. Prior to the development of the application, there was no unified system for services to send notifications; each service has to create its own process to contact users. Duke Notify’s API, on the other hand, accepts incoming messages from services and can then pass the message along to the user's preferred notification method. Duke Notify supports a number of notification methods including email, SMS, MS Teams, and paging. Best of all, Duke Notify empowers users, allowing students, faculty, and staff the flexibility to choose their preferred notification methods for each system. The application went into production after the summer of 2020 to support notifications related to COVID symptom monitoring. Read a feature article about Duke Notify

Student Profiles

A few select profiles of Code+ alumni.

Zane Harrison
Zane Harrison, '24

How Code+ Set Me Up for Success - Zane Harrison

After participating in Code+ 2021 on the Sandcastle project, Zane landed a software engineering internship for the summer of 2022. "...My Code+ experience was vital in helping me to secure this job." Read more about everything Zane gained from being involved in Code.

Ali Rothberg, '23
Ali Rothberg, '23

From Tongue-Tied Tech Novice to Code Connoisseur - Ali Rothberg

Textiles and technology seem like an unlikely combination, but Code+ alumna and Duke sophomore Ali Rothberg used Duke’s 10-week summer program to combine her interests in technology and fashion.
Learn more about Ali's project.

Niam Kothari, '24
Niam Kothari, '24

Pulling Back the Curtain - Niam Kothari

First-year student Niam Kothari learned about the Code+ summer program through his computer science professor.“After a bit of research, it seemed like a great opportunity to get hands-on introductory experience in the tech field,” Kothari said of the 10-week program. But Kothari had no idea that a non-academic program could have such a huge and lasting impact.
Learn more about Niam's project.

Maryam Shahid, '23
Maryam Shahid, '23

From Student to Software Developer - Maryam Shahid

Maryam Shahid, ‘23, a computer science major from Peshawar, Pakistan, knew very little about technology but was intrigued by Duke’s Code+ program. When she began the program, Shahid had some experience, but more importantly, a desire to learn more. Her experience with Code+ eventually led her to a position as a software developer at Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab, a campus space that allows students to explore new and emerging technologies.
Learn more about Maryam's project.

Ahmad Khan, Code+ alum
Ahmad Khan, '22

Tech x Food: Feeding Every Devil: Duke University’s Code+ Program Gives Students the Ability to Have an Impact on Campus - Ahmad Khan

After hearing about the ways that other students worked on a Code+ project from the ground up and the access they had to mentors in Duke’s Office of Information Technology, Ahmad Khan, ’22, decided to apply. His goal was to develop a stronger understanding of how software and hardware interact, and to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. His decision paid off. Khan is part of a small group that worked on the Feed Every Devil (FED) project, which aims to address food insecurity among Duke students by providing an app that allows students to donate their extra food points to a food points bank.
Learn more about Ahmad's project.

Project Leads

The program owes a lot to our stellar project leads!

Katie Kilroy

A Premiere Code+ Experience: A Glimpse of a Team Lead’s Perspective - Katie Kilroy

Katie Kilroy co-led the Code+ 2021 Zoom App Development project team, along with her colleague Joseph Conder. Read about Katie's experience.