Duke Rewards


Year: 2020

A team of Duke students will develop a loyalty program where a student can earn points and rewards for participation in various activities in and around Duke's campus. Examples include Athletics, Dining, Stores, Wellness, etc. Loyalty program participants will redeem points with participating organizations. Code+ students will create the technology platform to manage user point balances and redemption features, as well as an alerting mechanism for special events.

Duke stakeholders: Athletics, Dining, University Stores

Final Solution

Duke Rewards: Attend Events, Earn Points, Reap the Benefits

Duke Rewards is an iOS app that seeks to increase student attendance and engagement at campus-wide events. Students attend events and verify their participation through a mobile app, using QR scanning and location tracking. An admin-only web app built in conjunction for managerial purposes allows events, rewards, and other information to be created and displayed to students. 

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.