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There are a number of reasons why Code+ was a positive, worthwhile experience in my computer science education.

The first is because my project, Sandcastle: A Historical City-Builder for Humanities Scholars, was interesting and engaging. I loved learning about the history of the castles and fortresses that we were translating into computer worlds, and I never thought I’d learn about these topics through a summer coding experience. My project demonstrated how computer science is applicable in many fields, even ones that may seem to have very little or no relation to technology.

In addition to my project being fascinating, Code+ taught me valuable teamwork and technical skills. I learned how to work with a team on a long-term technical project, improving my communication and collaboration skills and seeing firsthand how team members with different roles need to interact to form an effective team.

Furthermore, my coding and general technical skills improved throughout the course of the ten weeks, and I feel prepared to continue pursuing my computer science degree and to work in technical roles. In fact, I recently landed an internship for the summer of 2022. I will be working as a backend software engineer for the U.S. Federal Government, and my Code+ experience was vital in helping me to secure this job. During interviews, I was able to discuss the details of my Code+ project, and I have used the skills I learned during the program to help me succeed in technical assessments.

I’m very satisfied with my Code+ experience and I owe my continued interest in computer science to the program. It’s a great choice for someone who is interested in technology and computer science and wants to try out what working in this field can be like. You’ll come out of the experience with a greater understanding of how coding can be used to create products and services that can truly make a positive impact.