“Frictionless" AR: A Museum Exhibit Toolkit


Year: 2021

Museums across the country are actively seeking to enhance visitors' experiences of their collections by turning to mobile and headset-based augmented reality applications. These techniques are excellent for delivering an AR experience, however, they are not well-suited to the museum environment. For example, visitors must own a compatible mobile device and take the time to download an app, or the museum must maintain a fleet of expensive XR headsets for visitor checkout and use, with ongoing maintenance and sanitization requirements. Moreover, the technical skillset required to create these AR apps generally exceeds the expertise of the typical museum staff.

A team of students will work with Duke’s Office of Information Technology, faculty from Art, Art History & Visual Studies, and other partners across campus to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit for museums to develop “frictionless” AR experiences for their visitors that do not require visitors to use specialized hardware, can easily be experienced by more than one visitor at a time, and can be authored without expertise with code. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer vision as well as UI/UX skills as they develop key components of an interactive museum exhibit authoring toolkit.

Watch the team's final presentation on YouTube.