Course Permission Number Granting System


Year: 2020

A team of Duke students will engage with numerous stakeholders including the SISS Office, academic departments, and OIT to define system requirements to simplify and streamline the course permission granting procedure. This project will create a technology solution that is simple, easy to use, and facilitates faculty and student interaction when registering for classes.

Duke stakeholders: Office of the University Registrar, Student Information Services and Systems (SISS)

Final Solution

Making Course Permission Numbers a Piece of Cake: Mooncake

Mooncake is a web application that seeks to streamline the course permission number granting process. The application provides a central platform for faculty to organize their rosters and grant permission numbers, eliminating the need for manual processes. For students, it provides a straightforward and standardized way to request course permission numbers.

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.