Augmented Reality  App  for Duke Lemur Center


Year: 2020

A team of Duke students will define and develop mobile augmented reality applications to enrich visitors' Duke Lemur Center experiences. Imagine creating a virtual lemur to help guide visitors around the center and interact with them within a mobile app. Students will develop a range of educational static and animated 3D/holographic content and will create a mobile application for displaying the content in appropriate spatial contexts.

Duke stakeholders: Lemur Center, Maria Gorlatova, Ph.D, Electrical and Computer Engineering Augmented Reality Lab

Final Solution

Enhancing the Duke Lemur Center Experience Using Augmented Reality

The Duke Lemur Center app is an iOS app that uses augmented reality (AR) to educate users and increase interest in the Duke Lemur Center. The interactive AR features -- including lemur face filters, an AR lemur and an AR map of Madagascar -- are just some of the ways the app helps excite users about the Duke Lemur Center. Other features include a lemur exploration page where users can learn about different species of lemurs, and a lemur quiz to test users’ knowledge and see if they are lemur experts.

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.

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Supported by a grant from the National Center for Women & Information Technology