Augmented Reality App for Duke Basketball Museum


Year: 2020

A team of students will design and develop an iOS mobile application by combining the latest AR technology along with a vast library of basketball video footage and other digital assets to engage users as they walk around the stadium visitor center. The goal is to launch this app as part of the visitor experience for Duke students and game day audiences. Code+ students will interface with the Athletics department management team and OIT's mobile application team, and will be responsible for dreaming up the creative ideas and implementing the code for the final app product.

Sponsored by Adobe. Read Adobe's blog post about Code+ and this project.
Duke stakeholder: Athletics

Final Solution

Enhancing the Duke Basketball Museum Experience Using Augmented Reality

Through virtual and augmented tour experiences, mini games, and interactive models, experiencing the Duke Basketball Museum through a mobile app is equal parts engaging and informative. Playing to the energy and enthusiasm of Duke basketball fans, users in the museum and at home can learn about and experience Duke basketball’s history and fandom up close, from highlights and players to trophies and tenting. To attain these goals, the main features of the app are an augmented reality tour of the museum, a virtual tour of K-Ville, a basketball shooting game, a scavenger hunt to overlay video highlights, lifelike and animated 3D models, and a game-like sound experience.

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.