Real-Time Duke Group Communication Tool


Year: 2020

Utilizing mobile technology, a team of students will develop a streamlined communications tool for Duke students, faculty, and staff to create and manage groups for real-time multimodal communications (SMS, email, mobile). The tool will be integrated with the various Duke enterprise systems and will enable users to identify their preferred notification method and priority. 

Duke stakeholders: University CommunicationsOffice of Information Technology

Final Solution

Streamline Communications Tool: Stay in the Loop with Duke Notify

Duke Notify is a communication streamlining tool that allows Duke services such as enterprise systems and entities such as student groups to send notifications automatically, through its API. Previously, there was no unified system for services to send notifications; each service had to create its own process to contact users. Duke Notify’s API, on the other hand, accepts incoming messages from services and can then pass the message along to the user's preferred notification method. Duke Notify supports a number of notification methods including email, SMS, MS Teams, and paging. Best of all, Duke Notify empowers users, allowing students, faculty, and staff the flexibility to choose their preferred notification methods for each system.

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.