Cloud Arbitrage


Year: 2023

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud services make preemptable 'spot market' compute cycles available at significant discounts (up to 90%), but the availability and pricing of the spot instances varies based on market demand. A similar situation occurs on a smaller scale in the Duke Compute Cluster where scavenger/common pool instance availability varies based on demand, and low priority jobs can be terminated to make way for high priority work.

A team of students will work with the Office of Information Technology and other Duke stakeholders to develop analytic tools to help decide if it is worthwhile to run on a spot market instance, which would help inform (and potentially automate) cloud-busting large scale compute jobs and arbitrage the cloud compute market. The analytic tools would look at historic and up-to-the minute market trends to model likely market behavior.

Watch the team's final presentation on YouTube.

Cloud Arbitrage flyer



Najib Ahmed
Jaelyn Cuellar
Rafael Jafet
Angela Jiang
Bitanya Kebede
Shanaya Piramal


IT Professionals

Student Project Managers/Facilitators