Donate Food Points  to Food-Insecure Students


Year: 2020

A team of students will meet with administrative teams from OIT, Student Affairs, and the Bursar's office, to define and develop the required technology infrastructure to facilitate the donation of food points to a food bank for food-insecure students. Students will reveiw and understand existing policies, define requirements, and implement an easy to use, convenient, and secure platform.

Duke stakeholders: Student AffairsGPSC Community Pantry

Final Solution

Combating Food Insecurity at Duke: Feed Every Devil Program

The Feed Every Devil Program, or FED, aims to address food insecurity among Duke students. Food insecurity is a serious problem in the university environment, leading to increased anxiety and unhealthy diets, negatively impacting student performance. The FED program tackles this problem with an application that allows students to donate their extra food points through a web or mobile interface to a Duke-managed Food Points bank. Students can make requests for food points, and upon approval, will receive a small supplement from the Food Points bank.

View the team's final presentation on YouTube.

Project update, January 2021: The Feed Every Devil application went into full production at Duke in November, 2021. Read all about it!





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